CHASING THE MILKY WAY IN THE DOLOMITES: Do you know that 80% of humans can’t see the stars anymore? Light pollution is a sad phenomenon of our present-day civilization. In Europe one has to search the mountains for clear skies, while in the United States there is still some dark places where the night sky is more visible. Allow me to show you the real night sky, and hopefully, it will inspire you to go out at night to chase the Milky Way…


PHOTOGRAPHING MODERNIST BARCELONA – Anyone that knows me knows that apart from my love of photography, there is nothing I love more than a bit of nostalgia. With this in mind, I thought it a good idea to write a few lines about combining two of my favorite subjects – Photography and the Modernist movement. More importantly however, is how to create interesting images by using your own creativity and artistic vision, instead of just capturing postcard type shots. Having lived in Barcelona for 15 years, my appreciation of Modernist works has only increased, and it is the Catalan form of Modernism in particular that I find so photogenic.


VENTURING TO CUBA FOR THE FIRST TIME. I researched many different photography focused trips to Cuba and quickly settled on Photo Workshop Adventures (PWA). PWA seemed to be very organized. Michael Chinnici was our trip leader, and he has made multiple trips to Cuba over recent years. I don’t mind finding my own way around certain destinations, but Cuba is a place where I wanted someone with experience to help me find great photo opportunities and Michael was the perfect person to do that.


VIETNAM – A DAY IN THE LIFE (A focus on Hanoi). Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi has been in existence for more then 1000 years. It hasn’t always been the capital in this once-divided country, but it has always played an important role in the region. Modern Hanoi is a bustling cosmopolitan city with beautiful historic hotels, great French-inspired cuisine, and local designer shopping boutiques. Spending a day in Hanoi requires a curious mind, good walking shoes, a hearty appetite and plenty of space on your camera memory card. Walk with me, as we spend a day in Hanoi.

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (and why we shoot what we shoot)

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (and why we shoot what we shoot). Much has been written about both the fetishization of the local people that travel photography often captures and on the voyeuristic aspects of tourism generally—slum tours in developing countries (or “poverty photography”) being a prime example. I admit that I struggle with these criticisms whenever I travel. Am I obligated to depict some reality, tell a story, or just present something pleasing or interesting to the viewer?